If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

Gurusthal is a full time tutorial centre since 2008 which has been helping students with IB, IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE, Science Group with computer science, Science with Biology, Pure science, and Matriculation Board of all standards from Class V to X and for Higher Secondary. We also cover commerce stream subjects (Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and Business Mathematics).


Gurusthal was founded with a motto of bringing an improvement in the tutoring system. With an increase in expectations from the parents & school equally, children these days are required to not only meet but exceed the expectations. And this requires additional help from not only the school & parents, but someone who has innovated new methods of training & are result oriented

Gurusthal’s Vision

To bring high-quality education and tutoring system to the most needy & eligible students for whom these were not reachable hitherto

Gurusthal’s Mission

Screen & choose students who are in need to additional assistance in scaling up the ladder of their respective education curriculum

About the institute

Let us begin from the time Gurusthal staff meets the students. After a thorough discussion to understand where the student stands as on date, the faculty decides what methodology suits each student in order to deliver the maximum out of the curriculum followed. Each subject is embedded with teaching techniques like theory, practical methods & role-plays are involved to make sure the students understand & remember what is taught.

Now at Gurusthal, we have over a dozen qualified staff to provide the educational assistance to students. It has been a successful journey for Gurusthal since its inception over a decade ago. The CEO is there at any given point of time to provide assistance to the faculty & to the students in spite of her busy schedule.

Their teaching system is builtin a way that students are made to learn to remain calm. Their teachers completely understand the exam pressures & behave in such a way to make students feel that the exam is just another milestone in their educational journey. Their students are taught to look at their subjects like their companions & friend so that they never hate any subject. Hating any subject means inviting pressure.

They are also planning to include meditation sessions to the simplest levels in which their students can understand and implement daily. This ensures they learn to remain calm & relaxed most of the times.



Ms. Divya has worked with students both on a one to one basis and in groups. This also includes online tuition via Skype alongside more traditional face-to-face tuition. She has also been instrumental in assisting them on spoken English, French and Hindi. They come from not only India but also from USA & Canada. Periodically, she also is invited as a guest lecturer in different colleges like PSG, Tips Global and Avinashilingam College in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu where she covers academics plus life skills as well. With adult learners, she is happy to impart knowledge related to her field of experience.


Ms. Divya’s excellent communication skills and solid academic background enables her to be an effective tutor. She has earned accolades for her knowledge beyond the requirements of the various specifications, which has helped to give her older students more context they are able to receive within the classroom. She strongly believes that learning never ceases, any person who is thirsty for knowledge, can learn what they want.

With self-belief, hard work, commitment to her dreams, she founded Gurusthal & it went on to opening its first commercial institute over a year ago. Now it aims at starting a play school for your little ones, to nurture them right from their early learning years and to help the moms & dads to build a great future for their loved little ones.