Its a heavenly feeling when one’s effort is appreciated and has brought results.
This shows one’s efforts have not gone in vain but have touched many lives and has been instrumental in changing them too.

I have learnt so much from you ma’am. You were more like my friend, you were there when I needed to share my worries with. I’ll always cherish the times with you ma’am. Seriously you are the best teacher I ever had and will never forget you. And thank you so much…


The way you have helped me grow and guided me with love, is enough to prove that a teacher like you is a gift sent from the heaven above


There is nothing like a teacher’s love and affection. Her touch can transform an ordinary stone into a precious gem. The bond of teacher and student becomes more and more deep with time.


Happy Teacher’s Day!! My son adores you and that shows what a great teacher you have been. May God bless you!